The observability platform for onboard operational technology (OT).

Shift5 enables smarter, faster decisions through real-time data access, contextual insights, and actionable analytics at the edge for commercial aviation, rail, and defense.

Real-Time Decision Intelligence

Our platform unlocks the complete ecosystem of onboard data for operations, maintenance, and cybersecurity teams for the first time, enabling real-time decision intelligence through complete onboard data access and observability from the asset level to fleet scale.

Full-Take Data Capture: Every Frame, Every Bus, Every Protocol

Shift5 is the only platform designed for full-take data capture from any onboard source — every frame, every bus, every protocol. And it’s hardware, bus, and protocol agnostic, so it can support fleets of any defense, air, and rail assets.

  • Cybersecurity: Detect, identify, and receive alerts on new anomalous activities and known threats, enabling faster response and proactive mitigation of potential cybersecurity risks.

  • Predictive Maintenance: Get, data-driven insights needed to predict and schedule maintenance effectively, helping to avoid unseen issues and ensure fleet safety and performance.

  • Compliance: Automate compliance for onboard fleet data by ensuring it’s processed, managed, and stored in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

  • GPS Integrity: Detect, alert, and deny the impacts of GPS spoofing attempts, ensuring the safety and reliability of your navigation.

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