How it Works

Shift5 Solution

We protect planes, trains, and tanks from cyber attacks.

Monitor and Protect

We continuously monitor your vehicles, while detecting and preventing intrusions in three simple steps.



Gauge Cluster

Shift5 Intake

Intake deploys as hardware or software for full-take embedded data capture from the existing serial databuses on your fleet of vehicles, collecting, compressing, and transmitting critical vehicle information to your cybersecurity team.

  • Full-take SDB capture: collects, enriches, stores, and transmits
  • Deploys as software or hardware
  • Collects MIL-STD 1553, J1939, CAN 2.0, RS-232, RS-485, and others
  • Compression rate of >10:1 Starting at 512GB of storage [6+ months of data]
  • Supports streaming and air-gapped modes for offline and online capability


Our cybersecurity experts have built and continue to grow a ruleset to parse hundreds of thousands of alerts generated by each vehicle’s serial databus.

  • Advanced algorithmic machine learning engine for continuous monitoring without false positives
  • Combines behavioral heuristics with advanced statistical methods and Machine Learning algorithms
  • Detects anomalies and senses vehicle state
  • Logs and enforces vehicle SW configurations
  • Secures software upgrades to legacy ECUs
  • Sends alerts and logs activity

Gauge Cluster

Gauge Cluster lets you visualize critical information, make sense of the big picture, drill down into unit-level details, and communicate with your team.

  • Visualizes intake data to answer operational questions at the speed of relevancy
  • Transforms complex OT network data into meaningful information
  • Enables cyber analysts to conduct incident response, intrusion detection, and prevention
  • APIs for data scientists
  • Incident response, intrusion detection, and prevention