Take the burden out of regulatory ANSP compliance.

Shift5 is the only OEM- (original equipment manufacturer) agnostic platform that captures, analyzes, and reports anomalies in core network security log files automatically.

  • Apply operator- and OEM-provided rulesets to analysis of aircraft log files

  • Identify and assess anomalies caused by human errors or malicious intent

  • Prioritize events using our proprietary machine learning models based on the MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework


With the Shift5 platform, operators can easily and automatically:

Retain security log files for recordkeeping and compliance purposes.


Conduct continuous or scheduled analysis of log files to detect anomalies.


Report any anomalies or threats in a manner consistent with industry policies.


Verify compliance with a documented ANSP, and identify threats to the system.


Export aircraft log file analysis to existing systems like ticketing and SIEM.


Benefits of implementing Shift5 solution for ANSP compliance:

Watch demo video below:


Reduce the workload for security teams and more.

Over 60% of cybersecurity leaders say their teams are understaffed, making process automation more critical than ever. The Shift5 platform automatically collects, analyzes, and correlates data from each aircraft to provide better observability across the entire fleet.

Normalize log file data across different platforms.

Data in log files and its formatting can vary widely across aircraft manufacturers, platforms, and even between similar aircraft. The Shift5 platform unpacks log files and automatically normalizes the data in them into a consistent format. This automation eliminates the need for teams to stitch together inconsistent data sets. It also enables the platform to quickly identify commonalities in fleet analysis globally, which improves the robustness and accuracy of the platform for all Shift5 customers.

Focus on the security events that matter most.

A single aircraft can log countless events, making manual assessment and prioritization of risks virtually impossible. Information about critical anomalies must also be made available to regulators and industry experts without delay to ensure flight safety.

When the Shift5 platform identifies a suspicious or malicious event, it assesses its impact quantitatively based on techniques in the MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework. The platform also makes it easy to package and export analysis and assessments from the Shift5 console for internal team review and prompt regulatory reporting.



Next Steps

Gaining observability into fleet-wide data is a journey. Get started with a demo of our ANSP solution and learn more about how we can enable your teams for success.