Deny Deception with the Shift5 GPS Integrity Module

The threat of GPS jamming and spoofing poses significant risks to national defense and commercial transportation systems. These malicious acts can lead to navigational errors and compromised operational safety, especially in contested or congested geographies. The Shift5 GPS Integrity Module offers a sophisticated, multi-faceted solution for detecting and alerting GPS spoofing attempts, ensuring the safety and reliability of your navigation.


Enabled by one of the smallest, lightest, & lowest-power single pieces of hardware available.

Operators and leaders still have little to no visibility into the onboard data of their vehicles. Shift5 captures and analyzes serial bus data on the platform in real-time, providing the anomaly detection and operational intelligence required to act.

Shift5's GPS Integrity Module is enabled by the Shift5 Manifold, a protocol agnostic, U.S. manufactured, configurable passive bus data-collecting computer engineered to fit within the ARINC 600 2 MCU form factor.

Using the data collected, translated, and streamed off-board the vehicle, Shift5 offers insights, providing real-time alerting and historical trends to assure mission readiness and cyber survivability. Our innovative technology enables military systems and commercial aviation, rail, and maritime vehicles to deny deception and ensure the integrity of GPS signals.

Detects impossible movements, identifying significant deviations that indicate spoofing.

Cross-references GPS data with other onboard and external sources to ensure accuracy.

Determines if position changes are physically possible, providing a primary layer of detection.

Utilizes enriched data analysis to uncover subtle spoofing attempts.

Can deliver real-time notifications to operators for immediate action against threats.

Compatible with existing platforms and onboard hardware, adhering to SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) requirements.

“We’re in an era of electronic warfare, defined by the use of hybrid threats on the battlefield. But the use of cyber-physical weaponry isn’t restricted to one particular theater of conflict, and isn’t aimed toward military targets alone. GPS Spoofing is a timely threat in both civilian and military worlds, and invites risk to national defense, a stable supply chain, and to the safety of operators and the public."


Enhanced Air Safety

Detects GPS spoofing to improve safety in military and commercial air, ground, and sea operations.

Sophisticated Detection

Uses advanced algorithms and cross-checks of multi-source data to detect subtle GPS spoofing attempts.

Identification of Navigational Errors

Identifies spoofed signals, preventing navigational errors and data corruption of other navigation systems.

Adaptability and Continuous Improvement

Continuously refines detection methods to counter new, sophisticated spoofing techniques.

Operational Efficiency

Automates detection and mitigation processes, helping enhance the efficiency of military and commercial operations.

Integration into SOPs

Integrates alerts with your existing SOPs, helping to prevent data contamination across secondary or backup navigational systems.

Seamless System Compatibility

Compatible with existing platforms and onboard hardware, adhering to SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) requirements.

Actionable Intelligence

Can provide data needed to create mitigations like dynamic heat maps so operators can avoid areas prone to GPS interference. 


GPS Integrity for the Defense Sector

Warfighting readiness and lethality rely heavily on navigational accuracy. Learn more about how Shift5 can help maintain mission readiness for the defense sector.


GPS Integrity for Commercial Airlines

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GPS Integrity for Maritime Operators

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What is GPS Jamming?

A simple but disruptive technique, GPS jamming involves overpowering GPS signals with higher transmission power, preventing devices from determining their correct positions. Its low cost and easy deployment make it a growing concern.


What is GPS Spoofing?

Far more dangerous and sophisticated, GPS spoofing manipulates signals to mislead receivers about their actual location. This can lead to serious navigational errors while maintaining the operator's trust in their GPS, posing a significant threat to both military and commercial operations.


GPS Spoofing/Jamming Indicators of Compromise


The Motivations Behind And Implications of GPS Jamming and Spoofing


Electronic Warfare Targeting Our Critical Infrastructure

Next Steps

Ensure your navigation systems are protected against evolving threats. Schedule a demo to learn how the Shift5 GPS Integrity Module offers unparalleled security and reliability for both military and commercial operations.