Shift5 built an entirely new model that brings order to the complexity of onboard data flowing from commercial aerospace, rail, and military vehicles and weapon systems. Our platform captures and analyzes real-time serial bus data, revealing critical operational and cybersecurity insights that enable organizations to move from data to decisions quickly and confidently.


Unlock your fleet’s onboard data with one of the smallest, lightest, and lowest-power single pieces of hardware available.

Implement a single onboard data capture and analysis solution to secure both legacy and next generation fleets with absolute parity.

We are protocol and hardware agnostic. Our platform is not dependent on your hardware.

The only data capture and analysis solution made specifically to harness your fleet’s onboard Operational Technology (OT) data.

Achieve security and observability by connecting to every number, type, and protocol of serial buses onboard a vehicle.

Our platform is designed to collect and retain every single frame of data that crosses the serial bus. Every bus. Every protocol. Every frame.

Proprietary compression technology enables higher data storage capacities on a platform and reduces transfer size and time.

Translate serial data to human-readable format in real-time.

Stream high-value data and/or alerts off-platform and into any operational context in real-time.

The only full-lifecycle solution providing an end-to-end ecosystem that turns serial data into actionable intelligence.

Maximize your onboard data by seamlessly integrating into external systems of authority.

Monitor activity on the serial bus in real-time without causing operational issues.

Implement a single onboard data solution to achieve unparalleled observability, awareness, and control.


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