Why They Work at Shift5

Today, Shift5 is charting a path to empower owners and operators with observability into their onboard data to answer questions about the operational and cybersecurity health of their fleet assets.

Today, Fivers work at Shift5 for several reasons: cutting edge impact, meaningful impact, sense of purpose, the people

Shift5’s vision to build a safer, more stable world is happening every single day. Each Fiver contributes to making this vision a reality, and it begins with building an observability platform that enables operators with their OT data.

Our Response to Navigational Risks: The Shift5 GPS Integrity Module

As electronic warfare (EW) tactics spread, new observability-based defenses are required.  By Jeff Zacuto, Senior Director, Commercial Marketing  Earlier this month, a cargo vessel in the Mediterranean Sea arrived at the Beirut-Rafic Al Hariri International Airport. Then, another in the Black Sea made landfall at the Cairo International Airport. This bizarre situation wasn’t the result […]

Shift5 Named 2023 NVTC Tech100 Honoree

Shift5 has been named a 2023 Tech 100 Honoree by Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), the trade association representing the National Capital Region’s technology community. Shift5’s Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder Michael Weigand has been named a 2023 Cyber50 Executive by NVTC.

What is Observability?

Observability refers to the ability to derive real-time, context-rich insights from refined onboard data to enable not just a more comprehensive understanding of the state of a system—or system of systems—but ultimately to enable smarter, faster decisions and actions.

It unlocks a new level of decision-making by providing a clear understanding of what’s happening on a vehicle holistically, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

With observability, operators and maintainers can see and understand exactly what’s going on within a platform’s onboard systems and components collectively at the moment the issue manifests.

Shift5 Unlocks the Full Potential of Data-Driven Predictive Maintenance

Today we’re introducing the Shift5 Predictive Maintenance Module, a new and powerful enabler of better data-driven predictive maintenance outcomes. The Shift5 platform captures and analyzes data from data onboard critical transportation and defense assets. The platform provides real-time insights that enable effective prediction and maintenance scheduling, helping avoid critical failures and optimizing fleet availability.

Shift5 Helps Streamline Regulatory Compliance for Fleet Vehicles 

Today, Shift5 announced the release of the Shift5 Compliance Module, which helps automate compliance efforts for data created on board fleet vehicles. This inaugural release, developed in partnership with aviation industry experts, enables automation of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) guidelines in Advisory Circular (AC) 119-1 requiring operators to create an Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP).

The Biden-Harris National Cybersecurity Strategy: Three Key Takeaways

Last Thursday, the Biden-Harris administration released an aggressive strategy to tackle the nation’s most pressing cybersecurity issues. The National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS) is a welcome development for industry advocates who’ve long encouraged the government to adopt a culture where protecting our infrastructure from digital threats isn’t a passive add-on or afterthought. Cyber protection and survivability must be a primary consideration from conception and design to implementation and deployment. Cybersecurity is national security