Staying On Track: Mapping the Future with Railway Interchange

This year at the Railway Interchange Conference, the transformative role of technology, the importance of safety, and regulatory compliance challenges facing rail operators underpinned discussions. As the rail industry stands on the cusp of significant technological change, these discussions were more relevant and timely than ever.

In particular, the integration of AI, the emphasis on sustainability, and the dynamics of collaboration were among the many topics that captured attention. With the industry poised for growth and innovation, understanding these themes is crucial for rail professionals.

What is Observability?

Observability refers to the ability to derive real-time, context-rich insights from refined onboard data to enable not just a more comprehensive understanding of the state of a system—or system of systems—but ultimately to enable smarter, faster decisions and actions.

It unlocks a new level of decision-making by providing a clear understanding of what’s happening on a vehicle holistically, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

With observability, operators and maintainers can see and understand exactly what’s going on within a platform’s onboard systems and components collectively at the moment the issue manifests.

Shaping the Future of Public Transit: Insights from APTA Public Transit Conference 2023

This year’s APTA Public Transit Conference brought together industry leaders, policy influencers, and technology experts to discuss these emerging trends and pressing issues. The conference covered a broad spectrum of topics, from the financial underpinnings of the industry to the latest regulatory updates, providing a comprehensive understanding of the current state of public transit and offering a glimpse into its future direction.

TSA Releases Enhanced Rail Cybersecurity Directives

The TSA released an update to its Security Directives for freight and passenger railroad carriers. Read more to hear how this update mandates implementing performance-based measures for passenger and freight rail to “achieve critical cybersecurity outcomes”, and how rail owners and operators can gain compliance.

Russia Raises the Stakes for Our Critical Infrastructure

The invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia has raised international tensions to levels not seen in a generation. And although the specter of escalation into a full-scale conventional war looms large, intelligence sources say retaliation will more likely come from state-sponsored cyberattacks on our critical infrastructure.

Shift5’s Webinar with RailwayAge: TSA Regulations and Rail Cybersecurity in 2022

By November 2021, 37% of rail organizations were recruiting for cybersecurity talent, an increase from the year before, according to GlobalData. This increasing demand for talent may be indicative of greater focus on cybersecurity, following a year marked by digital attacks such as those targeting New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, CSX, and global railroads.