Any given platform is given a Cyber Resiliency Risk Category (CSRC) based on platform characteristics and mission context (e.g. mission type, threat environment, etc.) that indicate the degree to which cyber survivability is required. The assessed Cyber Survivability Risk Posture (CSRP) must meet the standards of the platform CSRC, otherwise additional mitigations must be put in place. The CSRP of a platform is assessed using ten Cyber Survivability Attributes (CSA) to help PMs cover all the categories of cyber risk.

This whitepaper addresses how Shift5 solutions make a weapon system more survivable and resilient by improving the Cyber Survivability Risk Posture (CSRP) of a platform and addressing key Cyber Survivability Attributes (CSA).

Key takeaways:

→ Learn how the Cyber Survivability Endorsement (CSE) defined how to measure a platform’s cyber resilience and set in place universal standards, definitions, and expectations.

→ Discover how Shift5 products are focused on helping improve a platform’s CSRP by addressing specific CSAs.

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