Shift5 Labs

Shift5 Labs is comprised of cybersecurity professionals specializing in Operational Technology (OT) red teaming and vulnerability analysis.

Our team of security researchers and technical subject matter experts focus on helping customers understand their cyber vulnerabilities from a malicious attacker perspective.

About Our Team

We have decades of experience in operational technology, red teaming, penetration testing, software and hardware decomposition, and cyber systems engineering analysis in direct support of securing critical infrastructure and mobile platforms. As a division of Shift5, the Labs team applies our skills and experience by providing cybersecurity solutions and vulnerability analysis for a variety of OT platforms and systems, such as military weapon systems, trains, and planes.

Our Work

In the age of networked systems and big data, Shift5 Labs has identified an ever-increasing demand from the military, industry, and commercial services to secure critical OT systems against malicious attack by conducting deliberate investigations.

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    Cyber Survivability Risk Assessments (CSRA)

    CSRAs are in-depth penetration tests that help companies and government agencies assess risk to their OT systems, identify the best risk mitigations, and prevent future malicious cyber activity.

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    Directed Vulnerability Research

    We conduct directed vulnerability and exploit research to improve our slate of defensive products or provide customized products to our customers.

Why Use Shift5 Labs?

Unlike most cybersecurity companies who primarily focus on information technology (IT) systems and packet switched networks, Shift5 Labs is the premier expert in finding vulnerabilities in OT, embedded systems, and associated serial data protocols. We have deep expertise in serial bus protocols that control critical military and industrial systems, such as MIL-STD-1553B, CAN 2.0, J1939, RS-232, ARINC 429, etc.

Interested in working with Shift5 Labs?

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