Department of Defense weapon systems have many costs contributing to their sustainment, with maintenance comprising a major portion of total ownership cost. On one side, maintenance leads to inflated costs and removes vehicles from operations unnecessarily; while on the other side of the spectrum, scaling down maintenance activities to reduce costs could lead to unexpected equipment failure, followed by lengthy triage and repair time. In some cases, these unexpected repairs occur in less than ideal environments with very limited access to platform experts and other maintenance resources.

The DoD’s maintenance system operates primarily on time-based or reactive maintenance and is struggling to implement preventative and predictive maintenance technologies. Ultimately, there is a fine balance to achieve when efficiently maintaining fleet operations without increasing costs and down-time for critical missions. In this show, Mitch Plonski and Mike Weigand discuss how system operators and military commanders have a need for a comprehensive analysis of their fleets’ data in real-time to better predict maintenance requirements.

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