Everything you need to know about the latest in cybersecurity for planes, trains and tanks.

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Reverse engineering is the process of taking an engineered artifact like a software program, a coffee pot, or a car and figuring out how it works at a deeper level. Sometimes, we reverse engineer something to build features on top of it. Other times, we’re interested in understanding its security properties.

Episode 4: Fleet Intelligence

Fleet assets like locomotives, aircraft, and military weapon systems have long service lives, typically measured in decades. Technology changes massively during the typical lifetime of a fleet asset. The upshot is that a large portion of the world’s fleet assets have outdated on-board technology.

Transportation assets like locomotives, cars, ships, and aircraft contain dozens of electronic components. These electronic components collect data and control subsystems to get people and goods where they need to go.

Sometimes it’s easier to break in through the back door. In this episode, Shift5 CEO, Josh Lospinoso invites special guests Peter Morgan and Aaron Bray from Phylum to discuss what supply chain attacks are, where we’ve seen them successfully executed, and why we’re going to see a lot more of them in the future.

Making secure technology is really hard. The security community hosts some unusual-sounding and counterintuitive events to help make the world’s technology safer and more secure.