Recently, the New York Times reported that Newer Planes Are Providing Airlines a Trove of Useful Data, enabling them with smarter and safer fleets. With this new generation of aircraft comes more advanced data collection technology to empower business decisions in regards to fuel efficiency, safety, and predictive maintenance.

“Each new generation of aircraft can collect more data with sensors and circuitry that — like a giant Fitbit — tracks the airplane’s health from nose to tail.” New York Times

“Aircraft are filled with digital components transmitting massive amounts of data on every flight, but they were never designed for the digital age,” says Josh Lospinoso, CEO & Cofounder of Shift5. If we think about the innovations in the aviation industry, much of the core functionality has gone unchanged. Planes today are still large vehicles with two wings meant to travel through the air carrying people or cargo. As technology has advanced, the analog systems for measuring and displaying critical information have transitioned to being digital. The measurements that would show up only on gauges in the pilots cockpit are now generating data.

This “giant FitBit” finally allows airlines to collect and organize this new data across multiple onboard systems… However, one common issue among airlines is the ability to harness this wave of information and easily identify the opportunities for improvements. “Airlines and aircraft are like oil rigs in the ocean,” said Yann Cabaret, vice president of strategy, product and marketing at SITA, an airline industry-owned technology nonprofit. “And their data is like crude oil. They can’t do much with it. They need people and technology to refine that data so they can get value from it.”

Shift5 for Aviation as a Solution

What if there was a single product available that was specifically designed to collect, organize, and display fleet-wide data for heavy transportation vehicles, like aircraft? Our Shift5 solution not only meets these demands, but comprehensively analyzes data that is collected from various aircraft subsystems and displays it through visual dashboards that provide tailored information for executives, cybersecurity analysts, operations departments, maintenance teams, and data scientists.

We apply a single hardware system to collect data across all onboard systems, report it in real time, with flexible dashboards, intelligent alerting, and tailorable features.

With clear insights into engine health, fuel efficiency, and predictive maintenance trends, airlines are better equipped to make smarter business decisions in regards to their fleet assets and continue to delight their customers.

About Shift5

Shift5 is a transportation data company whose customers run smarter, safer, and more efficiently by unlocking their fleet’s data. Fleets generate massive amounts of data every day, and fleet owners deserve technology solutions that turn this data into real business value. Our data-driven solutions integrate directly onto existing platforms, collecting and enriching data from all their electronic components. Shift5 customers employ this data to automate menial tasks, improve reliability and safety, and make smarter business decisions. The US Military and commercial fleet operators alike trust Shift5 with their most critical assets; reach out to us today and see how you can take airline operations to the next level.

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Shift5 CEO, Josh Lospinoso featured in RTCA, Inc. member highlight, where he shared the Shift5 vision with the aviation community.