At Shift5, understanding our customers’ perspectives and the challenges they face on a daily basis is foundational to our success. Our distinguished advisors provide a level of experience, perspective, and guidance related to our dual use products that sets Shift5 apart.

With regard to the Department of Defense (DoD), we tackle a very specific opportunity by unlocking fleet and weapon system onboard data to help achieve optimal operational readiness, lethality, and survivability. We capture, store, and analyze serial bus data on the platform(s) in real time, providing anomaly detection and operational intelligence required to act. A group of seasoned advisors formerly engaged at the highest levels of the military – leaders who are intimately familiar with the need to tackle this exact opportunity – is critical to our team’s continued success.

“Shift5 is privileged to partner with a team of trusted advisors who have served in leadership roles across the DoD,” said Shift5 Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Michael Weigand. “They bring deep understanding of the importance of OT security, a diversity of perspective and experience, and a commitment to Shift5’s mission. Some of them have been with us since Day Zero. I feel very honored to have them.”

“Shift5 has great leadership and revolutionary, proven technology that will solve a number of challenges for our Joint Force,” VADM (Ret.) Ted Branch said. “I’m very selective in the companies I endorse. That decision was easy for Shift5, as they bring capabilities our services’ need to meet pacing challenges and acute threats alike.”

VADM (Ret.) David Dunaway added, “Shift5 has a remarkable, proven product that provides an exceptional cyber protection architecture, and clearly has tremendous potential in the Condition Based Maintenance and software development world. The product is an efficient approach to real problems facing the DoD.”

Shift5’s group of distinguished advisors will expand in tandem with the company’s successes in commercial avation and rail.