Venture capital is America’s innovation engine. Where venture investors deploy capital has a huge impact on which transformational ideas turn into disruptive products. Ultimately some of these disruptive products turn out to have profound impacts on our lives. It’s no secret that digital technology has been at the root of many such profound impacts over the past century. But this digital landscape invites brave, new frontiers of cybersecurity problems. These frontiers co-evolve with new technologies–from the internet, to smart phones, to internet of things devices, to fleet assets like “planes, trains and tanks.” We can thank venture capitalists and the entrepreneurs they back for many of these new technologies. Unsurprisingly, venture capitalists are also backing cybersecurity companies at a dizzying pace. In this episode, we invite special guests Vardan Gattani and Jim Rutt to discuss why so much venture investment flows into cybersecurity, how investors see the shifting cybersecurity landscape, where they’re excited about bold, new, transformational ideas, and the characteristics that make cybersecurity startups successful.

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