Since our Series A funding last October, Shift5 has been on an upward trajectory. Our conversations with the DOD, commercial aviation, and freight and passenger rail industries have led to work with all branches of the military, and household name-brand aerospace and rail companies. We’ve matured out of the “machine shop” and into the front office. The way we move, walk, and talk has changed, and it’s time for our visual brand to reflect this.

We’re excited to announce the evolved Shift5 brand today.

Shift5 introduced itself to the market as a company mission-focused on defending fleets from cyberattack. This ethos is encoded in the Shift5 DNA. Our co-founders Josh Lospinoso and Michael Weigand were founding members of U.S. Cyber Command who spent years among the nations’ top echelon of cybersecurity experts, and conducted pioneering work developing weapon systems cybersecurity threat assessments. Their desire to safeguard the U.S. warfighter was the inception point, and has since guided our decisions.

With our growth, our mission and team have matured. New opportunities for Shift5 have emerged, and the future of the company is brighter than ever.

Shift5 is building a smarter, safer, and more secure world by creating resilient and mission-ready fleets. Shift5 focuses on critical infrastructure technologies in transportation and the defense industrial base.  Planes, trains, and weapon systems are foundational to society. CISA says that “ their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety.”

The refreshed Shift5 brand reflects the magnitude of the problem we’re solving and the transformational opportunities we unlock for customers through onboard OT data.

Today, you’ll notice a refreshed website with new colors and new treatments, and that our logo has been fine-tuned. The way we talk about ourselves is refined. It’s not an overhaul because our roots remain. We took a critical look at where we’re going and our plans to get there, and because we’re fine-tuning, the brand is too.

Shift5 is growing fast. We’re excited for you to follow along.