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Last Thursday, the Biden-Harris administration released an aggressive strategy to tackle the nation’s most pressing cybersecurity issues. The National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS) is a welcome development for industry advocates who’ve long encouraged the government to adopt a culture where protecting our infrastructure from digital threats isn’t a passive add-on or afterthought. Cyber protection and survivability must be a primary consideration from conception and design to implementation and deployment. Cybersecurity is national security

Notes from the Shift5 team that supported the U.S. Army’s Scarlet Dragon Oasis 

FT BRAGG, NC – “My military background was a huge part of what allowed me to drive through this.” Zack Chappell credits his 22 years in the Air Force with preparing him to lead the Shift5 team that supported the U.S. Army’s Scarlet Dragon Oasis last month, although he admits, “I’m used to jumping out of planes, not really loading them.”

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The refreshed Shift5 brand reflects the magnitude of the problem we’re solving and the transformational opportunities we unlock for customers through onboard OT data.

Get a recap from the 2022 Aviation ISAC Cybersecurity Summit and learn how the industry is making proactive steps to secure the future of aviation through improved regulations and cyber resilience.

The TSA released an update to its Security Directives for freight and passenger railroad carriers. Read more to hear how this update mandates implementing performance-based measures for passenger and freight rail to “achieve critical cybersecurity outcomes”, and how rail owners and operators can gain compliance.

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